Flour Mills

Should you buy a grain mill, you will enjoy the advantage of being able to grind your own flour easily and quickly. Not only determine the degree of grinding, but discover the whole variety of nutrients that freshly ground and directly utilised flour brings with it. Bread fresh from the oven, light cakes or fluffy crêpes become a culinary highlight where you can taste the difference immediately. In addition, producing your own flour and flakes is much cheaper and you get larger quantities from the cereal grains. ...More Details

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Flour Mills

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Grain Processing Equipment

There are three fundamental things you can do with grain.  Roll it, Crack it or Grind it.

Roll it:

When you roll oats for example, you get rolled oats that you can enjoy as Muesli or porridge.

Crack it:

This is done for if you want to ferment the grain to make your own beer, or if you want to create feed for livestock - that's why it's often referred to as cattle feed.

Grind it:

Whether that is whole meal flour, or sifted to make white flour.  You can also grin corn and rice in many of our mills.

What are the advantages of buying a Grain Mill?

One of the main reasons for buying a grain mill is shown by the high quality of the freshly ground flour. These are still rich in vital substances, fibre and good carbohydrates. In addition, you not only decide on the degree of grinding of the flour, but also what type of grain you want to use. Even gluten-free flour is no problem. You can use the fresh flour directly or store it carefully. There are no limits to your recipe ideas and you can also conjure up all kinds of lovingly homemade gifts from the kitchen. Due to the high yield, you get significantly larger quantities when you grind your own grain, which makes the purchase of a grain mill profitable in the long term if you use it regularly. The robust grain mills such as those from the premium manufacturers hawos, Diamant or Madalga present themselves as long-lasting companions in your kitchen.

If you prefer to produce flakes instead of flour, we recommend our grain crushers. The models are suitable for the production of soft cereals such as oats or can also process oilseeds, spices and herbs. We cordially invite you to take a look around our range.