Territorial Distribution

Territorial distribution matches your product with our localised expertise in sales, marketing & after-sales service.

While you outsource some of your business operations to us, we give you the ability to influence each and every one of the below points to suit your need.  This way you can delegate to someone more suited to the territory, yet stay in full control of your brand image & presentation.

Depending on your strategy, we can offer:

  • Dedicated technical support team with brand-unique e-mail & phone numbers.
  • Localised website with online chat functionality
  • Highly trained staff can handle most complicated customer questions
  • Management of Influencers & Social Media Channels
  • Design and implementation of online, print, radio & TV advertisement
  • Designing and staffing of trade shows

Master Distribution

Finding a distributor in every country who will meet production MOQs is near impossible these days.  Reducing MOQs increases shipping cost/unit and reduces economies of scale and increases administrative costs.

Using a network of 1-4 sub-distributors in each country, our partner LUBA GmbH, can guarantee a swift and cost effective way for your expansion.  All orders are processed and shipped from our central warehouse in Germany.

Utilising this model means that you deal with just a single point of contact for a multitude of territories regarding forecasting, order placement, customer service questions, R&D feedback, marketing and billing.

Did you know?: If your company invests just 1 hour per week managing each of your distributor relationships, order & payment processing, you might find this can cost you more than 175 hours per month!

This master distribution model not only cuts down on hours of admin, but also removes any language & time zone barriers that often are costly to business.

Did you know?: According to the ‘Encyclopedia of the Languages of Europe’ there are are 44 countries within Europe (28 in the EU), yet there are a staggering 275 languages being spoken!


If you are looking for a place to warehouse your inventory, we can take care of that.

This is particularly beneficial if you are using expensive 3PLs to warehouse customer returns & overstock from TV-airings or large retailers.  You can even pool all your inventory with our partner LUBA GmbH for centralised & cost effective storage. We can also review, repair, refurbish, strip-for parts and recycle the returned goods.

After Sales

Forward Thinking