The steamer with the unique double wall system. Gentle cooking with steam has a centuries-long tradition not only in the Far Eastern cuisine. Reach an incomparable taste at low termperatures as the natural vitamins, nutrients and flavors are retained. Vegetables remain tender and al dente, poultry succulent, fish does not fall apart. Take advantage of the wide variety of possibilities with professional results. Create a complete and healthy meal with just one device. Also suitable for the professional kitchen.

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Known in the USA as "the most advanced Blender in the World", Blendtec will make sure to be known as such in the UK as well.  With a fantastic 4-model product lineup and 3 accessory jars, Blendtec blenders are sure to cause some reshuffling in the existing market.  The four product lines are Blendtec Classic 575 (available in 6 colours), Designer 625 (available in 7 colours), Designer 725 (available in 2 colours), and Professional 800 (available in black).

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With the rising awareness of the chemicals used in today's bread loafs & other baked goods, baking has gotten very popular, especially among people that suffer from Coeliac disease.  Compared to store bought flour, fresh milled whole grains and the breads we make from them is that they are fresher, have more fiber, and naturally occurring vitamins. Also, they taste much better and if you buy grain in the bulk, home baked bread is much cheaper than store bought. This is where the German based company Hawos comes in.  Hawos is known globally for providing reliable grain mills that not only grind very fine flour, but also look fantastic in your kitchen.

Hawos electric grain mills come in 10 different designs and sizes and all in a beautiful wooden housing.  For those that feel that these wooden pieces of art don't fit into their kitchen, don't worry - Hawos also has grain mills in a variety of coloured premium-treated plastic housings.

Beyond electric household grain mills, Hawos also makes commercial grain mills, manually operated mills, oat flakers, grain storage units as well as clay germinators / sprouters.

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Brod & Taylor

The Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer creates an environment of consistent low-temperature warmth that is vital for many kitchen processes. Gentle and consistent radiant heat rises from the aluminum base plate. Digital temperature controls provide settings from 21–49C. For rising bread, humidity may be increased by using the included water tray (typical humidity is 60-80%).

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LUBA UK & Germany


With 60 years of B2B experience across the EU with our partner company LUBA GmbH, LUBA Distribution Ltd is here to provide you a superior localised service.


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