Blendtec is more than just a blender—it can change your life. See how Blendtec has become more than just a kitchen appliance to athletes, parents, chefs, artists and more.

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Hawos Grain Mills

Hawos grain mills are your ideal kitchen appliance if you want to get the most out of your flour. As we all know, flour looses nearly all it nutrients within a very short time, whereas grain can keep its nutrients in tact for centuries.

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Brod & Taylor

Make your own bread, yogurt, soft cheeses, fermented foods and much more with this versatile countertop appliance that folds flat for storage.

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Dejelin Steamer

Why not enjoy premium-restaurant food at home? With the Dejelin steamer you get fantastic results that not only have a great colour and texture, but taste amazing too!

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The  Perfect  Bake

With the Brod & Taylor folding proofer, you will finally get precision in your dough rising.  This is essential to get the right texture of your bakes.

Fresh  Is  Best

A fresh loaf of bread tastes, smells and feels amazing.  Next time try using freshly ground whole flour - free from additives and full of nutrients.

Party  Time!

Who says a blender is just for smoothies?  Use your Blendtec blender at the next party to make a Strawberry daiquiri just the way you like it.

Get  More  for  Less

Making your own smoothie is not only much cheaper and personalised than getting it on the high-street - you also know where your fruits are coming from.

Brand Managed Distribution

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Buying from suppliers directly can seem logical, but is often not cost effective.  We can provide you hundreds of different SKUs from a range or global suppliers without MOQs.

This allows you to optimise your inventory position and re-order time frames.

Did you know that no matter where you are in England, Wales, Scottland, Norther Ireland, Republic of Ireland and yes, even the Scottish and English Islands all enjoy the SAME low shipping fee for parcel orders up to 30 kg each!

This is a truly unique ability that we provide our retailers and otherwise unheard of in the UK.

LUBA Distribution Ltd is a partner of LUBA GmbH in Germany which gives you access to 60 years of industry knowledge.

We can give you personalised assistance in selecting products that will compliment your existing range.



With the rising awareness of the chemicals used in today's bread loafs & other baked goods, baking has gotten very popular, especially among people that suffer from Coeliac disease.  Compared to store bought flour, fresh milled whole grains and the breads we make from them is that they are fresher, have more fiber, and naturally occurring vitamins. Also, they taste much better and if you buy grain in the bulk, home baked bread is much cheaper than store bought. This is where the German based company Hawos comes in.  Hawos is known globally for providing reliable grain mills that not only grind very fine flour, but also look fantastic in your kitchen.

Hawos electric grain mills come in 10 different designs and sizes and all in a beautiful wooden housing.  For those that feel that these wooden pieces of art don't fit into their kitchen, don't worry - Hawos also has grain mills in a variety of coloured premium-treated plastic housings.

Beyond electric household grain mills, Hawos also makes commercial grain mills, manually operated mills, oat flakers, grain storage units as well as clay germinators / sprouters.


Made In Germany

The mills are designed in Germany. The manufacturing is split between Germany and Austria.  The Austrian factory has become well known amongst the industry for its excellent manufacturing quality and the fact that it is staffed by handicapped individuals.  Hawos supports many groups and charities so working with this factory is one way of Hawos giving back to society.  Watch the video and see the manufacturing process in action.


LUBA UK & Germany


With 60 years of B2B experience across the EU with our partner company LUBA GmbH, LUBA Distribution Ltd is here to provide you a superior localised service.


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